Do Online Slots Remember You?

Online slot games do not remember players. These games attract thousands of gamblers from the UK every day. At UK’s top leading casino sites, there are hundreds of slot games, which are all controlled by a random number generator. This is a type of algorithmic computer system that produces random results with every spin. Slot sites do not have the ability to track player data, so they never remember a player, how much  has been won, or how much any customer wagers per spin.

For any slot game to remember a player, it would have to use a camera to capture player actions. There would also have to be facial recognition software in use that would spot a returning user when they play a game. The service would also have to have a special memory card installed that would record all player data. These are not in circulation, however, and would be far too expensive for developers and operators alike.

Do Slots Have Memory?

The answer to this question is also ‘no.’ No slot game has any memory of historic games that are played or who has played them. There is no database tracking the number of spins played or how much a player has won or lost. Instead, each online slot game uses an RTP to provide the operator with a verified house edge.

Every outcome of a spin on a slot game will be completely random due to the use of the random number generator. This ensures all games are fair and offer every player the same chance of winning. It also prevents players from altering the outcome of a game. As soon as the ‘Spin’ button is pressed, a predetermined result is calculated, and that is what will appear on the screen. The slot has no memory of prior results.

While many other games in a slot casino have the ability to track player history and betting, slots are not one of them. These games remain games of luck and chance, and no data is used to store information about who has played, how much they have bet, or how much has been won.