canadian bet explained

What is a Canadian Bet?

Good day. How’s it going, eh? Today we’re going to explain what a Canadian bet is and how it works. A Canadian bet is considered to be a step up from a Yankee bet, which in all honesty, is how Canadians view themselves when it comes to comparisons with their neighbours to the south. Of course, they’re too polite to say that out loud. Sometimes, this bet is also referred to as a Super Yankee, albeit not by Canadians, mind you.

How A Canadian Bet Works

With a Canadian bet, there are 26 bets across five different events. This wager involves 10 double bets and 10 trebles, along with a fourfold and a fivefold bet accumulator. In order to reach a winning payout, a minimum of two or more bets must be successful.   

It’s a wager that can be played on a number of sports. However, the Canadian best is commonly used to wager on horse racing and football matches in the UK.

A Canadian bet can prove to be a very complex wager, especially for novice players. However, for those who know what they are doing when they place such a wager, the Canadian bet is popular because it offers the potential of a significant return for a relatively small outlay of cash. 

Canadian Bet Calculator & Examples

Adding up all of the possibilities that a Canadian bet can engineer in terms of winnings can prove to be a massive undertaking. Fortunately, many online sports betting sites offer access to a Canadian bet calculator. This allows bettors to quickly and easily account for what sort of profit they may realize from their wagering package. 

Let’s add up a hypothetical Canadian bet. Suppose the five horses picked in the wager are at respective odds of 5/1, 8/1, 3/1, 2/1, and 12/1. The stake being placed on the Canadian bet is £2. At those odds, a play on a Canadian bet would cost £52 to cover the 26 variables in the wager.

However, at that rate, a successful win play on a Canadian bet would garner a return of £39,128.00. Add in the returned stake and the punter would pocket £39076.00.

Bettors can also opt to play a Canadian bet as an each-way wager. However, in order to do so, it will double the stake of the wager, since the number of bets are being doubled from 26 to 52. In the above example, the each-way Canadian bet would require a stake of £104.