patent betting in horse racing and sports

What Is A Patent Bet & How It Works? 

A patent bet is a wager that is covering seven bets over three separate selections. These include three singles, three doubles and one treble. It’s a popular choice for wagering on a number of sports, although it’s certainly most prevalent in horse racing.

Since each segment of the patent bet is still a single wager at William Hill Sports UK, that means even if one one of the selections come in, the bettor will still receive some form of payment from the wager. The seven wagers also increase the probability of a win. Naturally, the more selections that come in, the greater the reward from the patent bet. How much that reward will add up to naturally depends on the amount wagered and the odds attached to the wager.

The drawback to the patent bet is that the punt will cost the bettor more than a single play would. For example, a £2 patent bet would amount to a total stake of £14 – £2 on each of the three singles, £2 on each of the three doubles and £2 on the treble.

In simple terms, the single bets would be on horse 1 to win the first race, horse two to win the second race and horse 3 to win the third race. The three doubles would combine 1-3, 2–3 and 1-3. Then there would also be a 1-2-3 treble play.

Why Play A Patent Bet?

By playing the bets as separate entities, it is providing the bettor with more opportunities to win. Were this wager played as an accumulator, for instance, it would be like putting all of the eggs in one basket, so to speak. 

That’s an all or nothing wager. Each leg must cash. Otherwise, the bet is a complete wash. The tradeoff with the patent bet for that added opportunity to win is the return on a patent bet will be less of a stipend than what a successful acca wager would bring.

Each Way Patent Bets

It is possible to play a patent bet each way. That means the punt would include the option of each horse paying off whether it won or placed during the race. 

An each way patent bet doubles the wager from seven bets to 14 bets. There are seven win bets, as well as seven place wagers. Naturally, since a bettor will be placing twice as many wagers, the cost of an each way patent bet will be double that of a straight patent bet play. 

Best Bookies Offering Patent Betting