trebles bets in football

What is a Trebles Bet & How to Calculate it?

A trebles bet could be viewed as the Three Musketeers wager of sports betting. That’s because it’s an all for one and one for all wager. 

Trebles are played on a number of sports, including football. They are very popular in football betting, for instance. Suppose you like three sides to win on a particular Saturday – Leeds United in the English Premier League, Hibernian in the Scottish Premier League and Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga.

A bettor can combine all three of these wagers into one larger play by encompassing them into a trebles bet. With a trebles bet, the payout isn’t determined until all three matches reach their completion. If Leeds United were to win, then the returns from that wager are rolled into the second match wagered involving Hibernian. If Hibs also come through with a win, those two successful wagers are rolled into the third match involving Borussia Dortmund. 

However, if any of those three sides let the side down and fail to produce a victory, the entire wager is lost. When Meat Loaf sang two out of three ain’t bad, it was obvious that he wasn’t a trebles bettor. In trebles betting, two out of three ain’t worth anything. 

Advantages of Playing a Trebles Bet

The trebles bet provides to the bettor a method to create the potential for a significant return without requiring the outlay of a sizable stake. This is especially true when betting on favourites. A solo play on a heavy favourite won’t bring much of a return. However, combining three of these favourites into a trebles bet increases the potential for a solid return on the bettor’s stake. 

Punters can push the potential for a more significant return by combining two favourites with one underdog offering a price. Another way to seek out a significant payday is to include a drawn match among the three selections in a trebles bet. 

Several different wagers can be combined into a trebles bet.

Straight wagers like match winner can be mixed with prop plays such as first goal scorer. As well, multiple sports could be packed into a trebles bet – say a football match, a tennis match and a horse race.

Trebles Bets & Bet Odds

Trebles Bet Calculators

Online sports betting sites will provide a calculation of how much the potential return is on your wager when you enter your selections for a trebles bet. 

Most of these sportsbooks, like William Hill, will also provide access to a trebles bet calculator that can be employed prior to placing that wager. Will Hill already offers a Lucky31 Bet Calculator, by the way. This tool allows the player to input a variety of selections to see what the return would be before determining which option to have a punt on in the end.