Online Poker at UK Casino Bally

Bally Casino’s Touch to UK’s Online Poker Scene: Top Games and Offers

Bringing a touch of good old Yankee class to the UK’s online casino world, Bally Casino are newly arrived on these shores, having taken over the Megaways Casino. Established in 1948 and active in 15 US states, Bally are promising UK punters a “5-star American service” and the early signs are looking good. The casino covers all bases from online poker, slots to Slingo, with a number of Free Games on offer so you can get your eye in with no risk to your pocket. But nothing says “Vegas Baby!” quite like Poker and Bally’s have some superb games on offer.

Here’s a look at the Poker online games at Bally’s Casino. 

First up, a Welcome Offer for new Bally UK Poker players

When you deposit and wager your first £10 at Bally’s Casino, you will automatically be allocated 30 Free Spins to use on the popular slot Secrets of the Phoenix Megaways. Worth 20p each, they must be used within 30 days. Best of all, there are NO wagering requirements on the Free Spins, so whatever you win is yours to withdraw immediately. 

TOP Online Poker Games at Bally’s UK

Poker Game Description
Caribbean StudClassic poker with ante and side bets, stakes from 50p to £1,000, multiple winning chances.
3 Card Poker LivePlay up to 4 tables at once, stakes £1 to £2,210. Simple rules, high payout bets like 100/1 Mini Royal.
Cash+ PokerCasual play, £2 to £20 stakes, features Poker Chat for assistance, flexible buy-ins, re-buys, and top-ups.

Caribbean Stud 

The Bally’s Caribbean Stud game is a superb iteration of a popular game. With stakes ranging from 50p to £1,000 a hand, players of all sizes will happily be accommodated.  

What are the rules? 

The aim is to have a better hand than the dealer, with 5 cards dealt. Your cards will be visible, but only one of the dealer’s cards can be seen. First up, you must place an ANTE bet to get things going. After that, there are a number of OPTIONAL bets that you can place, depending on how confident you feel; 

  1. The 5+1 Bonus Bet allows you to utilise the dealer’s visible card in assembling a 3-of-a-kind hand. 
  1. The Progressive Jackpot Side Bet gives you the chance to win big if you manage to land some of the higher hands, such as a Royal Flush. Even if that big pot eludes you, there are some lower-value fixed prizes as part of the Progressive Jackpot side bet, so you are always in with a chance.  

Remember that all optional bets are assessed separately from the main hand, so you will have multiple chances of winning. 

Bally even outline the RTP (Return to Player) % for each aspect of this game, so you know exactly where you stand. The Main Hand has an impressive 96.3-98.2% return. The 5+1 optional bet is still decent at 91.4% and even the less frequent Progressive Jackpot side bet has a not-to-be-sniffed at 81.8% RTP. 

3 Card Poker Live 

This cracking Live poker games comes from the wise heads at Evolution and has a multi-play option built in. This means you can simultaneously play at up to 4 tables, on the SAME browser. Stakes cover everything from £1 to £2,210 a hand. 

What are the rules? 

Simplicity itself. Only one 52-card deck is used in each game and it is shuffled after each round. Both you and the dealer receive 3 cards, face down. There are 3 types of bet; 

  1. Ante Bet. This is your initial stake, just to get the game underway. 
  1. Pair Plus. Whereas the Ante Bet is against the dealer’s hand, you can place a Pair Plus bet that is essentially on your own hand, against the posted scale of payouts. For example, a flush will pay 4/1 and if you land a Mini Royal (an Ace, King and Queen of the same suit), you will trouser a 100/1 payday. 
  1. Six Card Bonus. This combines your 3-card hand AND the dealer’s 3-card hand, so you have 6 cards from which to construct a winning combination. Even a lowly 3 of-a-kind hand will net you a 7/1 winner, whilst a Royal Flush will have you whistling dixie at 1,000/1! 

In the case of a tie with the dealer’s hand, the next highest card NOT part of the hand will decide the winner. This tie-breaker is known as the “Kicker”.  

Cash+ Poker 

Designed for more casual players, Bally’s offer Cash+ Poker, with more modest staking plans, from £2 to £20. There is a Poker Chat facility to assist in any queries you may have, so you won’t feel as alone as you might in a more serious competition! Bally’s describe this as a “fun and fair environment”.  

What are the rules? 

You will be randomly assigned a spot at a table and the pot is automatically created from the buy-ins of all the players. You can come and go as you please and there are extra bets, including “re-buys” and “top-ups”, so you will always feel you are in with a chance, however casually you want to play. Remember, anytime you are not sure about something just hit the Poker Chat button and you will have immediate assistance. There is no such thing as a stupid question! 

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