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Bet365 roll out two new free-to-play games in time for Premier League boom

In an effort to build on the new Premier League betting season getting underway and the return of football, bet365 has released two new free-to-play games for all customers.

Incentive Games have produced both creations—Golden Goals and 6 Score Challenge—which will be used in conjunction with the Premier League launch but will apply to other sports, too.

Golden Goals is described as a ‘daily retention game’ and gives players the opportunity to accrue free bet credits depending on how many times they can predict a fixture will have four or more goals. The 6 Score Challenge, meanwhile, is a predictor-style game that features a sizeable jackpot for any players able to guess all six results correctly.

“The daily retention game, Golden Goals, is going to be a game changer in the industry,” said Incentive Games CEO and co-founder John Gordon. “While we have always had great success with our score predictor titles, the 6 Score Challenge is going to be the biggest of its kind in any industry.”