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British bookmaker Coral introduces ‘double-value’ Bet Bundles offer

At a time when value means more than ever in the gambling market, Coral has launched its new ‘Bet Bundles’ incentive to help British bettors get more bang for their buck this winter season.

In short, customers spend real money to receive batches of free-bet tokens worth at least twice as much as their purchase, giving punters more chances of earning a major payout.

The launch coincides with the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, while the jump season in UK horse racing is also at its peak. Coral will be running its Bet Bundles special for a year until October 2023, giving gamblers plenty of time to make the most of their added value.

What are Bet Bundles?

Rather than wager one’s funds directly, Coral is offering its customers the chance to purchase Bet Bundles, which come in two formats: classic or premium.

A classic Bet Bundle costs £2 and gives customers £5 worth of bets (credited as 5x£1 bets) or the premium bundle yields £10 worth of free bets for just £5 cash (credited as 5x£2 bets).

Customers are limited to Bet Bundle purchase per week, and any winning wagers will not give back the original free-bet stake. It’s worth noting there is also no cash-out option available on Bet Bundle stakes.

For the time being, Bet Bundles are running only in football or horse racing markets, though more avenues may open up in future.

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Why are Bet Bundles better than regular bets?

If it wasn’t obvious enough, Bet Bundles give customers twice the money for half the cost, making them a no-brainer for those who prioritise value when it comes to their wallet.

The innovation is a first-of-its-kind concept and promises to drum up significant interest for Coral ahead of the Premier League restart, while those interested in horse racing will also take a fancy.

“Our Bet Bundles concept is pioneering for the betting industry, and it offers customers a simple and great value for money option for purchasing several bets at a fraction of the cost than if they were bought individually,” said Coral spokesperson David Stevens. “With the World Cup taking place at the same time as this important part of the Jumps season for the first time ever, we wanted to offer football and racing fans an opportunity to get even more value from a bet.”

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