Gambling watchdog bans two ‘irresponsible’ bookmaker ads from broadcasting

Bookmakers Coral and Rank Digital Gaming have been reprimanded by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) after each company was found to have released ads deemed ‘irresponsible’. 

Coral’s advertisement appeared on television in March and featured excited punters trackside during a horse race. Spectators can be seen reacting wildly to the race as a voiceover can be heard saying: “Exciting, isn’t it? When your horse wins by a nose. But if that’s exciting, how about three furlongs ago? Look, look, any horse could win. How about now when your horse is under starter’s orders? How long have you waited for those gates to crash open? But that’s nothing. What about earlier still? Your horse is the only horse that matters. Coral. Get closer to the action.”

Reporting scam ads in UK

The ASA upheld several complaints from the public, which said the promotion encouraged irresponsible gambling. The agency released a statement that read: “We considered there was a significant risk that element of the ad could disproportionately affect, or pressure, those struggling with gambling addiction.”

Rank Digital Gaming were then told off for an ad that appeared on the Lucky Night app during the month of May. Two attractive women can be seen looking at the viewer, while text reads: “Everyone wants to solve theirs (sic) financial problems … Click the ‘Download’ button right now and start to earn … In fact, it’s all very easy to do with our application … pay off loans, buy a car and a nice house … and make a lot of money!”

Rank insisted it had no part in the production of the ad but were told to ensure future campaigns “did not suggest that gambling was a way to achieve financial security.” Here is the list of the UK licensed gambling sites, inlcuding new casinos and online bookmakers.