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Ranked: Football Fans Who Drink the Most (2023)

Whether you’re a Premier League fan or an NFL fan, football and alcohol go hand-in-hand. 

Depending on the team’s performance, some fans will raise a glass in celebration, while others seek solace at the bottom of one. 

But the real question on everyone’s lips is: which fan bases consume the most alcohol? 

British Gambler conducted surveys among both American NFL fans as well as UK-based Premier League fans to determine the drinking habits of fans in both countries. 

Our survey asked American NFL fans and Premier League fans how often they reach for a cold one while watching their team or club play, as well as how much they spend on alcohol while watching a televised game or match. Additionally, fans were asked to name the players, managers and coaches with whom they would like to share a round of drinks. 


  • The top five NFL fan bases who drink the most: Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys, Las Vegas Raiders and New Orleans Saints
  • The top five Premier League fan bases who drink the most: Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur
  • UK-based Premier League fans ranked Bruno Fernandes as their top preference for a drinking partner.
  • In the US, NFL fans ranked MVP Patrick Mahomes as the top QB they’d like to have a drink with.

Which NFL Fans Drink the Most Alcohol?

NFL Fans Who Drink the Most

1. Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills’ fans are notorious for their pregame tailgating antics, so it’s really no surprise that the “Bills Mafia” grabs the top spot for NFL fans who drink the most. On average, Bills’ fans say they drink 3.3 drinks per game. Buffalo fans were also ranked No. 2 for fan bases most likely to “pregame.”   

2. Cincinnati Bengals

Fans of the Bengals had plenty to celebrate last season after advancing to the AFC Championship game. Apparently, they reached for plenty of adult beverages to celebrate. Cincinnati fans drink roughly 3.2 alcohol drinks per game. Bengals’ quarterback Joe Burrow was ranked among the top five coaches that fans would want to drink with.

3. Dallas Cowboys

“America’s Team” knows how to enjoy a few drinks. According to respondents, Dallas Cowboys fans rank No. 3 for fan bases who drink the most. They also rank No. 8 for fans who pregame the most.

4. Las Vegas Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders fans are clearly embracing the “Sin City” reputation. Along with ranking No. 5 for fans most likely to pregame, Raiders fans also rank within the top five for fans who drink the most. 

5. New Orleans Saints

Considering the city throws one of the biggest annual parties in the country, it’s fitting that fans of the New Orleans Saints ranked within the top five fan bases who drink the most. On average, Saints fans say they consume about 3.2 drinks per game. 

NFL Fans Drinking Habits

Which Premier League Fans Drink the Most Alcohol? 

Premier League Fans Who Drink the Most

1. Manchester United 

As they head into their 49th consecutive season in the top of English football, Manchester United fans are not holding back when it comes to raising a glass in celebration. According to survey respondents, United fans consume an average of 4.2 drinks while engrossed in a match, placing them firmly in the No. 1 position for Premier League fans who drink the most. Premier League fans collectively acclaimed club captain Bruno Fernandes as the most fun captain to share a libation with.

2. Arsenal

Not only were club captain Martin Ødegaard and manager Mike Arteta ranked the most preferred captains and managers to have a drink with, but Arsenal fans also ranked within the top five for fan bases who consume the most alcohol. 

3. Liverpool

In North West England, we find the 3rd most prolific drinkers in the Premier League – Liverpool fans. On average, Liverpool fans consume 3.6 alcoholic drinks per game. Meanwhile, Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp takes the No. 1 spot for managers that fans would want to drink with.

4. Chelsea

Celebrated for their spirited songs, chants, and passionate support of the team, Chelsea fans have another attribute to their name: a penchant for raising a pint or two. According to respondents, Chelsea fans consume an average of 3.6 alcoholic drinks per match. 

5. Tottenham Hotspur

Completing the list of top five fan bases who drink the most alcohol is none other than Tottenham Hotspur. With one of the largest fan bases in England, this London club consumes an average of 3.6 drinks per game. 

Premier League Drinking Habits

It’s clear that both American NFL fans and UK-based Premier League fans are passionate about their teams. However, when it comes to raising a glass, Premier League fans feel much more confident that they outdrink NFL fans. In fact, 82% of UK respondents said they feel Premier League fans drink more than NFL fans. 

Meanwhile, Americans are split on the question, with 50% saying that NFL fans drink more than their friends across the pond. 

Regardless of who drinks the most, both fan bases have a long season ahead of themselves, which will bring plenty of opportunities to raise a glass or two. 


In August 2023, we conducted surveys among two groups: 1,200 Americans who regularly watch the NFL and 1,200 UK-based football fans who regularly watch the Premier League. Among American respondents, the average age was 41. The breakdown of gender distribution was as follows: 69% male, 30% female and 1% were non-binary. For UK respondents, the average age was 41. The gender distribution was as follows: 58% male, 41% female and 1% were non-binary.

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