how double bets work in sports betting

Explaining How A Double Bet Works

For newcomers to sports betting, the double bet is a good launching point among those who want to experiment with a venture into the world of betting multiples. A double bet is the most simplified and straightforward method of placing a multiple bet. The name pretty much says it all.

A double bet is basically two separate single bet selections that are bundled together to create one bet.

While placing a double will require slightly more knowledge about both the sport the player intends to wager on, as well as the way betting strategy works, it’s baby steps in terms of moving into the world of multiple wagering. It’s not nearly as complicated as playing an accumulator, or taking the next step beyond playing a complicated wager such as a Lucky 31 bet or a Yankee bet.

Why Play A Double Bet?

The idea behind the double bet is the opportunity to create a potentially significant increase in payout without the need to create a structurally complicated wager. Suppose you like Liverpool to defeat Tottenham Hotspur in an English Premier League match. At the same time, you also like the odds of West Ham United overcoming Burnley in another EPL match.

Certainly, you could simply play each of these wagers as single straight bets. The advantage to doing so will be that if one comes in for you and the other does not, you’ll still get a payday at the end of the day.

However, were you to combine them into a double bet, while the risk is that you’d need both matches to go your way, the reward is that if they do, you’ll be looking at garnering a much larger payout when the wagering is done.

Let’s suppose in this example, Liverpool are 2/1 to beat Spurs, while the Hammers are the 4/1 betting choice to dispose of Burnley.  

Combining these two wagers into a double bet, a stake as small as £2 would return a profit of £28. Bet as separate £2 single wagers, the stake would double, while the return would be £4 for the Liverpool win and £8 for a West Ham United victory, for a combined profit of £12. Try it with the UK’s best betting sites, like Betfred, Unibet or bet365.

Double Bet Calculator

Double Bet Calculator 

If maths aren’t your thing, not to worry. Many top online sports betting sites provide access to a double bet calculator with Willliam Hill Sports. 

Simply input the odds for each match of the double bet wager, then factor in the stake to be played. Next, click on the calculate bet button and watch to find out how the numbers would add up for you.