Youtube sports betting channels

10 Popular YouTube Betting Channels UK Gamblers Should Be Aware Of

Maximising one’s access to reliable information is crucial practice for the modern-day gambler, and YouTube is one such resource housing limitless hours of useful data and content.

And it’s hardly ever a linear pattern in terms of knowing where to look for the most worthwhile videos. Established companies with major subscriber counts can often put out boring, unimaginative content, while there are plenty of small, unknown channels that show vast knowledge.

Best Youtube Sports Betting Cnannels To Watch

1. Trademate Sports

Subscribers: 10,000

Trademate is a tool devised to alert bettors when the bookmakers have undervalued a certain marker or sports event, and their YouTube channel matches the quality of that product.

There’s hardly a sport the team doesn’t cover, with host Alex Vella presenting shows to fit just about any audience, though almost always geared towards a UK audience.

Trademate do a great job in posting polished, informative videos on an almost daily basis, providing tips on major events like Euro 2020, the Premier League, cricket and the UFC.

2. Racing Post

Subscribers: 35,000

Don’t let the name deceive you; although the Racing Post may pertain to horses first and foremost, their YouTube channel is a much more diverse, sports fan-friendly environment.

As well as having an in-studio team of engaging hosts, Racing Post will talk to guests remotely and analyse football, golf and greyhound racing events, too, just to name a few.

That being said, Racing Post is still a leading name in horse racing above all else, and their guests regarding other sports don’t quite match up, but the general standard is nonetheless very high.

3. Sporting Life

Subscribers: 10,000

Another key subscription if horse racing is your passion, Sporting Life has also spread its wings into other areas of the industry over time.

The channel uploads new videos at least once a day (if not more) on average, making it one of the more active accounts concerning the more established website on YouTube.

Sporting Life regularly get interviews with some of the biggest names in horse racing, but their contributions from journalists and insiders also help make it a great venue for keen bettors.

4. WagerTalk TV

Subscribers: 72,000

WagerTalk TV is feared towards a more American audience in terms of odds and the sports it covers, but that doesn’t mean there’s no value to be had from a UK perspective.

Andy Lang is the main presenter and streamer front and centre in a lot of the channel’s videos, but  one of WagerTalk TV’s greatest strengths is its variety of contributors and personalities, each offering different expertises.

The channel covers the more global sports events like Euro 2020 and the golf majors, all of which are of interest to UK bettors, though it’s often the case that British bookmakers also offer different odds pertaining to the U.S. sports, presenting opportunities of a different kind.


Subscribers: 2,000

Let’s be honest here: If you aren’t into cricket, a channel called ‘’ was never going to be for you.

But if you are a fan of the sport—which is played by roughly 60 million people worldwide—this channel is worthy of attention for its concise but frequent previews.

The Indian Premier League tends to take precedence in regards to which divisions get the most coverage, but Test matches, T20 and other tour series are also regularly analysed.

6. Odds Shark

Subscribers: 17,000

Another American-inspired channel that has implications in the UK market, Odds Shark puts out high-quality content at an alarmingly fast rate.

In short, there’s rarely a major sport event Odds Shark won’t cover in some shape or form, whether it’s just one video preview of the best bets on offer, or an entire series covering it in fine detail.

NFL, NBA and MLB takes up a lot of screen space at first glance, but Odds Shark also do well to cast a wide net and cover the likes of Euro 2020, tennis and golf tournaments.

7. Oddspedia

Subscribers: 2,000

Another contender for the ‘Small Channel, Big Heart’ award, Oddspedia’s subscriber count is barely in the four digits, but that shouldn’t detract viewers from taking a look.

The website describes itself as a “European iGaming affiliate company,” which offers real-time score updates, standings, and links to bookmakers, although they don’t accept wagers themselves.

Sticking with the ‘information first’ model, Oddspedia’s YouTube channel posts very frequently and with useful tidbits to help your bets along.

8. Caan Berry Pro Trader

Subscribers: 75,000

Professional trader Caan Berry may be a one-man band when it comes to promoting his YouTube channel, but the end product is proof one doesn’t need a whole team to succeed on this platform.

While the channel doesn’t cover specific matches or competitions in the same manner as other accounts, Berry provides great know-how and detail on general rules and guidelines one should adhere to when betting.

Backed up by data, graphics and some smooth editing, Berry’s videos make for an easy, informative watch and teach you how to get more from your wagering experience. In this video below you will learn about some of the nest betting strategies.

9. Paddy Power

Subscribers: 52,000

A step away from the educational side of things, Paddy Power is more a must-follow for UK sports fans who want a bit of escapism from the industry’s focus on finance.

While if may be one of the biggest bookmakers in Britain, Paddy Power have proved themselves innovative leaders in comedy first and foremost, and where better to pedal that content than YouTube?

Paddy Power promote ads and interviews featuring very well-known names like Jose Mourinho and Peter Crouch, but both their scripted and unscripted videos with fan input is among the highlights.

10. SportsBet TV

Subscribers: 5,000

Non-horse racing fans won’t get a lot out of SportsBet TV if they aren’t inclined towards the equine side of sports, although they sporadically preview the larger darts events as well.

That being said, their racing coverage is superb and regularly features tips from journalist Paul Alster, who reports on some of his larger returns to add some sense of camaraderie.